Welcome to the new look of Enerex Botanicals

After 13 years of industry leading innovation and success in the Natural Health Products industry, Enerex Botanicals is proudly moving into a new era that will see an even greater commitment to developing the most scientifically advanced Vitamin, Mineral, and Nutritional Supplements available worldwide. We are a Canadian business success story, based in Vancouver, BC, with a global consumer base, who are confident in our approach of creating safe and effective Sports Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle products.

Along with staying true to our original formulas, look for many new members of your favourite Enerex “families” of products in the near future, such as our recently released Gluten Free Greens offerings, all with a new look that truly represents the level of professionalism and integrity of the Enerex brand. As always, our mission is to create a very special class of Nutritional Supplements that offer the highest level of efficacy without compromising any step in the creation process of our products.

This is a very exciting time for all of us at Enerex and we hope that the enthusiasm surrounding our latest efforts to bring you “the best in the business” will shine through in your continued good health. Thank you all for your support through the years and whether you are a longtime customer or you are new to our brand, Welcome to the new days of Enerex!

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Our “Designed without Compromise”

statement means just that – from sourcing the highest possible purity grade of cold extraction solvent-free raw materials and using no-heat manufacturing in GMP Certified facilities, to packaging in recyclable BPA-free PETE bottles